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Memberships Designed By Members For Members.

Evacu has partnered with our members to customize membership offerings that truly meet our members everyday needs – from comprehensive service offerings to flexible membership terms, all at an industry-leading low price.


Learn more about our membership offerings designed with you in mind.

Evacu will help you access the critical medical care that you may need.

Whether skiing in the mountains, camping in a state park, or simply driving to work, you never know when a medical emergency may arise.  Unfortunately, for more than 85% of Americans, a Level 1 Trauma Center is more than an hour away, resulting in limited access to the best medical care or excessively expensive medical transportation costs – which your health insurance may cover to a limited extent (if at all).


Your Evacu membership will provide you with access to both ground and air medical transportation to get you to the nearest medical facility capable of the medical care that you may need.

Recovery Transportation

Ground & Air Medical Transportation

Evacu will allow you the choice to recover back home.

There is only one thing worse than an extended stay in a hospital – an extended stay in a hospital that is far from home. 


Your Evacu membership will provide you with medical transportation to a medical facility nearer to your home, once you are in stable condition, to continue your path to recovery.

Visitor Transportation

Evacu will bring your family and friends to your bedside.

A proverb tells us that friends and family are the best medicine – and, we could not agree more!


Your Evacu membership will bring a friend or family member of your choosing to stay with you if you find yourself hospitalized away from home.

Return Transportation

Evacu will get you from your first steps to your doorstep.

From the hospital bed to your bed, we will simply getting you home.


Your Evacu membership will get you and any accompanying travelers back home once you are released from the hospital.

Pet Transportation

Evacu will ensure that your best friend is homeward bound.

Whether pets, service animals, or livestock, animals are a significant part of our world and (for their sake and yours) they should receive the same level of care.


Your Evacu membership will get your pets or livestock home in the event of a medical emergency.

Mortal Remains Transportation

Evacu will bring you to your loved ones.

In tragedy, the last thing that family should have to concern themselves with is the red-tape of transporting you home.


Your Evacu membership will partner with your family to ensure that your remains are returned securely to their final resting place.

Vehicle Return 

Evacu will give your vehicle a lift home.

When a medical emergency strikes, the last thing that you should be concerned with is your personal property – let us do that for you!


Your Evacu membership will return your vehicle – car, truck, motorcycle, RV, boat and more – to your home. 

Organ Transplant Transportation

Evacu will connect you with the life-saving care - anywhere.

With the number of organ transplants nearly doubling in the past decade, it is critical that you have immediate access to transplant care in a time of need.


Your Evacu membership will transport you and the organ to the site of your transplant procedure.

Peace of Mind Is Just a Click Away

Evacu closes these gaps found in traditional insurance plans and provides you with access to life saving medical care.
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